How to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy phone

How to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus SamMobile - How to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy phone

There are multiple ways to take screenshots on Samsung phones and there are also multiple avenues to edit those screenshots after the fact. First, let’s look at the basic process of capturing screenshots, and then we’ll get into the more interesting stuff.

Volume down + power button method

This is the standard method for taking screenshots on both Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Android devices in general. All you need to do is press the volume down and power buttons together when the content you want to capture is on-screen. Don’t press and hold the buttons – just press them once and let go, as a long press of the buttons will bring up the power off menu. The screen will flash to confirm that the screenshot has been captured.

A popup at the bottom of the screen after the screenshot has been captured will let you instantly share it with other apps, draw on it, and add tags to it so you can easily sort screenshots based on those tags in the Gallery app. The popup will go away after a few seconds, after which you can access the screenshot from the Gallery app or from the notification shade.

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