How to transfer all contacts from your old Android to a new Phone

transfer contacts - How to transfer all contacts from your old Android to a new Phone

If you have just bought a new phone, here’s how you can make sure your entire phonebook is cloned to the new phone. And don’t worry, we have solutions for both Android and iOS platforms.

Transferring contacts from Android to Android:

–Go to Settings in your old Android phone and navigate to Google.

–Inside the Google section, search for backups and open it.

–By default, your Google account automatically takes a backup of all your contact on a frequent basis. You have to make sure that the auto backup option is enabled. If it isn’t, turn on the backup and wait for the phone to sync it to your Google Drive.

–While saving a new contact, Android phones always ask where you want to save the contact. A wise decision is to select your Google account.

–On your new Android smartphone, simply log in to your Google account and wait for the device to synchronize. After a few minutes, your phonebook should reflect all your contacts synchronized with your Google account.

–If you don’t prefer or are unable to back up your data to Google’s cloud, then most Android phones offer a way to share all contact details as a VCF file. You can share it over Bluetooth to your new device and simply install the file to get all your contacts.

By Amritanshu Mukherjee

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