How to Transfer files from computer to Android using adb

transfer files - How to Transfer files from computer to Android using adb

Copying files through ADB come into use when you struggle so much with your PC. This topic will give you an idea of how to copy files from your PC to your Android through ADB. Using this method, you can transfer any kind of files, no matter how big the content size will be. You can transfer, images, zip files, video, audio, PSD, etc from your PC to Android. Follow this guide to learn how to transfer files from computer to Android using adb.

We always choose MTP mode for transferring files from the computer to the Android device or vise verse through a USB cable. MTP mode will allow you to access the phone storage and help you transfer the file you need. Whether its a huge or a small file the MTP mode will let you access them all with ease.

What happens in a situation where you cant access the MTP mode but pretty much urgent to transfer a file from the PC to your Android. What will be your next move?, there comes ADB into play, it helps the file reach your Android with a push command.


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