How to transfer files from PC to Android phone

x5 ways to transfer data from laptop - How to transfer files from PC to Android phone

Zeroing in on the best technique from all the options available is not the easiest of tasks. The option that you should go for also depends on how big the file that you need to transfer and the number of files that you need to transfer. The options available to transfer files have been listed below:

USB Cable The move to USB-C has left a lot of old USB cables redundant but the USB-C to USB-A cables that phones come with making it easy to transfer files between phones and laptops.

The steps are as follows:

a) Connect your phone to the PC

b) Click on the notification on your Android device labeled ‘Charging this device via USB.’

c) Under the option named Use USB for, choose File Transfer The same procedure can be used for Mac as well, the only extra step is that you will need to install the Android File Transfer software.

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