How to turn off autocorrect on your Android

texting autocorrect - How to turn off autocorrect on your Android

Autocorrect has also saved me from many a misspelling, but not everyone adores the know-it-all feature. While Google has built a decent autocorrect system for its mobile operating system, it doesn’t always get it right. This is where autocorrect frustrations stem from. It doesn’t necessarily know unusual names or alternative spellings, and sometimes it jumps to erroneous conclusions about what you’re writing.

How Android autocorrect works

Autocorrect automatically adjusts words as you’re typing, hopefully correcting misspellings along the way. It’s a system that keeps learning as you go.

Google’s standard keyboard that runs on Android is known as Gboard. Gboard uses a dictionary and adds to it as you use your gadget. According to Google, “Gboard saves the words you type to help you with spelling.” This means autocorrect should get smarter as you use it. If you’re having frustrations at first, give it a little time to learn your habits.

How to turn off autocorrect for Android

Despite the occasional autocorrect snafu, I’ve found the feature more helpful than not, and so I choose to leave it on. My husband, however, has long struggled with autocorrect on his Android phone and finally made the decision to shut it off.

Keep in mind that different manufacturers and versions of the Android operating system may change where you need to look for settings on your phone or tablet. We’re also assuming you’re using Google’s popular Gboard keyboard.

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