How to use Motion Sense to snooze alarms

motion sense - How to use Motion Sense to snooze alarms

One of the ways to use Motion Sense, and perhaps the most well-thought-out, is using it to snooze alarms.

After an alarm starts ringing on your Pixel 4, the audio will get quieter as you move your hand towards the display. From there, you can move your hand over the display to snooze the alarm. No matter if you wave over it from the left or right, it’ll just snooze for a few minutes rather than being completely turned off.

Waking up to an alarm and trying to fiddle with on-screen buttons isn’t always the most fun, so opting to use gestures instead could be pretty handy.

This only works with the Google Clock app that’s pre-installed on the Pixel 4, so just keep that in mind if you tend to use third-party alarm clock apps.

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