How to use search bar on Android Pie to adjust settings

search bar - How to use search bar on Android Pie to adjust settings

Google Pixel was Google’s first official entrance into making smartphone hardware and it has managed to hold its own against a lot of the newer devices. If you have switched to a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, there are a ton of features that you will have access to. Although it may be impossible to get a handle on every single feature that is available on your phone, there is still a lot you can do. The latest Android 9 Pie update brings a whole lot of new features to your phone. It’s worth upgrading your phone if you don’t already have the update.

One of the key features that have been incorporated into Android 9 Pie is called Slices. Google introduced Android Slices at I/O 2018 and started testing it with third-party apps later that year. Slices have been designed to allow key features of applications in places where they weren’t available before. One of the places they will pop up in is Google Search.

At the Android Developer Conference that took place last November, Google provided details about how it would surface Slices as part of an Early Access Program with third-party apps like Doist and Kayak. In addition to on-device features like apps, contacts, music etc, and web results. Slices also show up when users perform a search within the Google app.

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