How to use the new Pixel 4 recorder app

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Launch the Pixel 4 recorder app. When you open it for the first time, it will ask you if you want to enable location tags for recordings. I hit accept because being able to search by location is really useful for me. After this, you’re ready to start recording.

Hit the big red button to start recording audio. Unfortunately, you can’t import external audio at this time.

Listen to or view a transcription

Save your transcription and tap to view it. You can play it back or jump to the transcript by hitting the Transcript button at the bottom.

Search your recordings

Use the search button at the top to search for specific words in your recording. If you want, you can also search from the recording selection page to find words throughout all your recordings.

Save to Google Drive or share

At this point, you’ll want to do something with your recording. If you tap the top right-hand corner, you’ll have the option to share or save to Google Drive. If you choose the share option, you’ll be able to select if you want to share just the audio, the transcription, or both.

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