How to use the new Pixel 4 recorder app

Launch the Pixel 4 recorder app. When you open it for the first time, it will ask you if you want to enable location tags for recordings. I hit accept because being able to search by location is really useful for me. After this, you’re ready to start recording. Hit the big red button to […]

What to do if your Android phone isn’t charging

How to get your phone charging again Make sure there’s no obvious fraying or issue with your cable, charger or power source. The first thing to try is a different power cable. If that’s a no-go, try a new charger with it. Finally, you might want to try a different power source entirely. Your best bet […]

How to get Android Notification on your Windows 10

You can use your Microsoft account to synchronize between your Android Cortana app and your Windows 10 PC to get notifications on your PC. The steps to be followed are given below: Step 1: Download and install Cortana on your phone. Step 2: Launch the Cortana app and set it up. Step 3: Sign in […]

How to Change Reminder Tone in Google Keep

Google Keep Notes doesn’t offer a native setting in the app to change the reminder sound as you must have noticed in apps like WhatsApp. However, you can change it from phone settings. For that, follow these steps: Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps & notifications or Apps depending on the option […]

Get your Android phone run faster again with these tips

Clearing the cache may help boost your phone’s performance or fix problems with an app that’s acting up. It’s also a way to free up valuable storage space, especially on older phones with limited room. As Android users are well aware, there can be a lot of variations between different versions of the operating system, […]

How to record slow-motion videos on Android device?

The ability to record slow-motion videos is another significant feature of Android. It is mostly there in all the modern smartphones that are coming out these days. This feature basically allows the users so as to slow down a particular part of the video. But only the flagship smartphones have the ability to record the […]

Turn your Android Phone into a Functional Computer

There are mainly 3 main methods to do that. You can easily do it by attaching your device to a monitor or a TV with a mouse and keyboard with the help of Andromium OS, although you cannot find it in the form of free public beta. Limited-time free public data does not support it. […]