Huawei US ban threatens to wreak havoc on Android as wel

huawei us ban 1024x576 - Huawei US ban threatens to wreak havoc on Android as wel

It’s almost old news by now. The US government, courtesy of an executive order from President Donald Trump, has blacklisted Huawei from buying from or selling to US companies. That has caused Google, Qualcomm, and ARM to withdraw support from the Chinese manufacturer, three companies that have a mutually beneficial relationship with Huawei. It has gotten a temporary and short reprieve but, unless the situation changes, the hammer will fall again. Disregarding political and economic considerations, the effects of this ban won’t just cause headaches for Huawei, it could also throw the Android world into disarray.

Being the world’s second largest smartphone maker is no joke and losing that spot isn’t just going to be bad for Huawei. It will actually be bad for its partners as well. Selling more phones means Huawei also buys more components and pays for more licenses, among other things.

While it’s inconceivable that Huawei will stop making smartphones the way ZTE almost did, a nosedive in its production will hurt even the likes of Google and Qualcomm, even if not as much as Huawei.

By JC Torres

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