If your Android phone drain so fast this recently, this could be due to android bug

low battery on phone ks - If your Android phone drain so fast this recently, this could be due to android bug

Android Police have been reporting a new bug in phones and tablets that causes their screen to remain lit up, which leads to a quickly dying battery. The problem begins when the user calls out the wake words for Google Assistant.

Saying, “Hey, Google” to activate the Assistant not only wakes Google Home but also activates the Assistant on phones and tablets. The problem is, the bug makes the screen stay lit even after the Assistant has answered the request.

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The bug appears to be mainly impacting Google Pixel models, but there are a couple of reports of others being affected as well. People have been complaining about the problem on a Google Support Site for months, but Google has yet to announce a fix.

One impacted user said:

“In my home when I say OK Google my Google Home springs into life and starts listening, at the same time my Pixel phone starts to listen. After my request depending on whichever device heard me clearer is the one to answer. However, for some reason, my phone will sometimes be stuck in the ‘listening’ mode and never turn off the screen unless I manually turn off/exit the mode.

Even when it is stuck in this mode giving it a command does not prompt the normal Assistant response. It just stays on the listening mode.”

As you can see from the statement above, this person was able to correct the issue by “manually” turning off the device. Other users have also reported this is the only way to fix the problem. So, if you run into this issue, simply power down your device and it should be fine once you turn it back on.

We’ll let you know if Google announces a software update to fix this odd battery issue.

By Mark Jones

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