Is it OK to use my Android while it charges?

exploding smartphone - Is it OK to use my Android while it charges?

Can I use my Android while it charges

Perhaps it occurs to you that your Android gets hot if you use it while it’s charging. You don’t need to worry though — it is definitely safe to use while it’s charging.

The bad thing about use while charging is you’ll slow down the charging speed in the process. Your phone may heat up a little, but it’s unlikely to heat up to the point where it’s dangerous.

The only time you should be worried is if you’re using a cheap, third-party charger. If it’s not up to regulations it could cause problems.

Before you panic about third-party chargers, understand they are all not created equal. While there is an abundance of cheap knock-offs littering the internet that no expert would recommend,  there are several manufacturers that produce quality chargers suitable for use with your Android.

If, over the life of your smartphone, you need an additional charger or a replacement for the one that came with your device, save yourself some money and purchase a third-party charger.

Just make sure that the charger you’re buying is safe. For Android gadgets, you want to make sure that any charger you use is compliant with USB-C specifications. Cables that are in compliance prevent the device from drawing too much power from a computer’s USB port when charging, which could cause damage.

By Christa Geraghty

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