Make your Android and iOS devices work together

android ios - Make your Android and iOS devices work together

Android and iOS devices require different apps, offer different features, and work best with different brands of computers and smart hardware. All this makes it difficult to use both mobile operating systems together. But that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to one or the other. For example, you might want an iPad for media consumption and an Android phone to carry your SIM card. Or perhaps you dislike the idea of walling yourself into a Google-only or Apple-only system. So we gathered seven tips for making Android and iOS play nice. 

1. Decide on your preferred platform

Don’t bother attempting to treat both devices as equals: Pick a favorite operating system and keep that phone or tablet as the primary one. This is the device where you’ll store your most vital data and apps, so it should be the one you feel most comfortable with, have been using the longest, or already store most of your information on. The second one can act as a backup with a more limited selection of apps and data.

There are a few reasons to pick favorites. First, because of incompatibilities between the systems, you won’t be able to get every app you want running on both gadgets (read the following section for more information). In addition, some apps, including Snapchat and WhatsApp, only let you sign in on one device at a time. If you download the programs on both, you’ll have to log in and out constantly. 

2. Know apps’ limitations

For a happy union of Android and iOS devices, familiarize yourself with the apps that are available on only one or another. This might help you decide which to make your primary device. For example, you can download all of Google’s apps onto your iPhone, but only one Apple app works on Androids: Apple Music. So you should opt for iOS if you rely on Apple apps like Pages or Numbers, you use Safari extensively on a macOS computer and want to sync your bookmarks and history to your phone, or you own a lot of iTunes content. You won’t be able to access any of those things on an Android device.

Also be aware of the apps we mentioned earlier, which allow you to log in on only one device at a time (as opposed to the programs like Instagram and Netflix, which permit logins on multiple devices). Run an audit on the apps you use most often to check how many logins you’re allowed. Then download the single-login apps to your primary device.

By David Nield

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