Make your phone faster with this advance Android 10’s gestures system

android 10 gestures 100811036 large - Make your phone faster with this advance Android 10's gestures system

At this point, warts and all, the Android 10 gestures are actually pretty pleasant to use — once you give yourself the chance to get used to ’em.

Part of that simply boils down to a matter of adjustment, as a change like this is inevitably gonna be a bit of a shock at first. But part of it is also a matter of figuring out some subtle tricks to make the most of Android 10’s gesture setup. Some of the tricks may seem obvious, once you consider them, while others seem almost like unintentional inclusions. But all of them go a long way in making the new gestures faster, smoother, and more effective to use.

Here are 10 tricks that let you move around your phone like a pro.

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