Mobile anti-virus not needed: Google

mobile antivirus - Mobile anti-virus not needed: Google

The majority of Android smartphone and tablet users do not need to install anti-virus and other security apps to protect them, despite dire warnings from security companies selling such products, Google’s head of Android security says.

Adrian Ludwig, the lead engineer for Android security at Google, said there was “a bit of a misperception” in how the company reviewed apps for its Google Play store in comparison with other stores.

He also said those who used security software on their phones would likely get no protection from it.

“I think … paying for a product that you will probably never actually receive protection from is not a rational reduction of risk – but people buy things for lots of reasons.”

Mr Ludwig said every Android app goes through an automated system that checked for issues and verified apps before they were made available on the app store.

“By the time a user goes to install an app they’ve had … the best review of that application that is possible,” he said.

The risk of potentially harmful applications ending up on users’ devices was, therefore “significantly overstated” and the actual risk of a damaging app being installed was “extraordinarily low”, he said.

By Ben Grubb

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