Google Assistant Can Now Read Google News Stories Out Loud

Google Assistant has been updated with the ability to read articles in Google News out loud. Previously, Google Assistant was able to read brief snippets of stories from a select number of publishers. Users also had little control over the content that was read back to them. They could utter the command “What’s the news?” and they […]

Nokia Normandy: Nokia Android smartphone? [Rumor]

A photo of the Nokia Normandy, the alleged first Nokia smartphone with Android, was released in November of Evleaks. By design, the model is reminiscent of the Lumia series of the Finnish manufacturer. It is striking that it has no capacitive buttons. The Nokia Normandy, the previous code name is set to make a highly customized Android without […]

Google officially unveiled Android 4.3, here’s what can be expected

Coming in addition to the new Nexus 7, Google also properly unveiled Android 4.3. In a bit of good news, they also confirmed that Android 4.3 would be rolling out to devices starting today. But before you begin refreshing the Nexus device you have in your hand — continue through this post to see what […]

Google Will Kill Its Popular News-Reading App Today, Two services you can look at to replace it

Google is going to kill off Google Reader, a Web-based app that pulls in articles from news sites you subscribe to, on this day. The news of Google Reader’s demise came out in March, and since then several companies have rushed to fill the hole that will be left. Google Reader is a very popular […]

Eyewitness apps bring more news than ever to your Android Phone

Eyewitness News has a new way for you to get more news than ever before in the palm of your hand! Keep on top of breaking news, AccuWeather and traffic, and watch Eyewitness News LIVE on the go with this new News app for your iPhone or Android. The latest AccuWeather forecast is just a […]

Flipboard brings new curation tools to Android for customized experiences

Flipboard is bringing its magazine curation tools to Android, enabling users to create their own magazines on any topic.Now, any Samsung Galaxy phone, Nexus tablet or other Android device user can start their own magazine by tapping the + button on items within Flipboard. It is a great place to catch up on the news […]

New mobile app for Android provides news information quicker and better

The revamped weather page uses Android technology to feature cleaner, more visible access to the information you need. Whether you want to take a quick glance at today’s temperatures, check out real-time radar or study the 10-day forecast, it’s literally at your fingertips. See Full Story on

ReadItToMe for Android reads SMS, Calls and App Notifications to you

If you like to listen to music or audiobooks a lot using your Android phone, you have likely encountered situations in the past where you received messages, calls or notifications but did not really want to look at the phone at that moment in time. Maybe because you were jogging and did not want to […]