Make your phone faster with this advance Android 10’s gestures system

At this point, warts and all, the Android 10 gestures are actually pretty pleasant to use — once you give yourself the chance to get used to ’em. Part of that simply boils down to a matter of adjustment, as a change like this is inevitably gonna be a bit of a shock at first. […]

Manage your Note 10’s battery with these simple tips

Use Night Mode all the time According to Google, using a night mode on your phone improves battery life and eases the amount of strain on your eyes when staring at the screen. Samsung’s Note phones have a Night Mode, and instead of switching to it only at night, you can use it all day […]

Best productivity guide for Android Phone

Keep apps within reach: Opening apps at the top of your home screen can require some serious stretching with today’s extra-large phones. Fortunately, Android doesn’t require you to put icons up there. Instead, you can leave the top two or three rows of your home screen blank, then swipe between additional home screens if need be. […]

Android maintenance tips to keep your phone run smoothly

There are simple things you can do to make your phone run faster and provide more space, as well as make your battery last longer. There also are things you may be doing that are reducing the life of your phone’s battery. We have tips for you that will help you get better performance from […]

Save battery power on your Android phone

Don’t put up with battery breakdown if you don’t have to. Sometimes there is a physical issue with the battery itself, but sometimes there’s a setting buried in Android that is draining your battery life without you even knowing it. Just adjust a few things and you’ll find a lot fewer of the frustrating black […]

5 tips to boost your Android experience

Android is everywhere. The major rival to Apple’s iOS is a popular choice across a variety of smartphones and tablets. As with any operating system, there’s a learning curve. Even if you’re already well acquainted with Android, it’s easy to overlook some of the many tips and tricks that can make your experience better. Just […]

Google Assistant Can Now Read Google News Stories Out Loud

Google Assistant has been updated with the ability to read articles in Google News out loud. Previously, Google Assistant was able to read brief snippets of stories from a select number of publishers. Users also had little control over the content that was read back to them. They could utter the command “What’s the news?” and they […]

Power up your Android Phone ready for business

Power up most popular phones, and you’ll find ineffective home screens, mediocre keyboards and all sorts of untapped potential. But all it takes is a little tweaking to go from unrefined gizmo to finely tuned work companion. Follow these eight steps, and your Android phone will be primed for productivity and ready for business. 1. […]