Quick fixes for some of the most common problems on Android

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Here are some quick fixes for the most common problems on the Android interface.

1. There it goes

Of all the issues users have to put up with, this one is probably the most common: rapid battery draining. Oftentimes, users will respond by immediately deciding to replace the battery completely; however, there are some easy and even obvious steps you can take to better preserve your phone’s battery life.

One of the easiest ways to keep your battery from draining so quickly is to adjust your brightness setting.

Decreasing the brightness of your phone’s display can save a great deal of battery life in the long run. Avoid using auto-brightness and bring your brightness down to about 50%, or to a level that is suitable for your eyes.

Your location settings can play a role in your battery drainage as well. Access the settings menu, click on Battery and choose battery saver.

2. Frozen isn’t just a Disney movie

Phones typically tend to slow down as their internal storage begins to fill up. Sometimes phones will even freeze up and force users to restart. If your screen freezes, try removing any apps or photos you no longer want or haven’t used in a long time. If you have an abundance of apps and photos, but wish to keep them, consider moving them to the cloud or storing them on an SD card.

Another way to keep your device from freezing is to close any open apps after you’ve used them. Delete your app cache and avoid the use of live wallpapers. The app’s cached data can be deleted by going to Settings > Apps. Go through each individual app and choose the clear cache option.

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