New Google’s Android Feature will Save your life in an emergency

Google’s new Voice Free Emergency Operator will be made available on Pixel phones and across multiple Android devices. We’ll give you the 411 on what it is, how it works and why it’s great for users. What is the voice free emergency operator? Introduced on August 1, Googles emergency calling operator highlights the importance and […]

How to make your Android screen extra dark at night

Night Light dims your screen light to a sepia colour, making it less harsh on your eyes. You can access it through the settings menu or the quick settings area you can find by swiping down from the top of your phone. Method 1: Settings 1. Go to your Settings app. 2. Tap Display. 3. Select Night Light. 4. Tap Turn on now. 5. Adjust […]

Huawei US ban threatens to wreak havoc on Android as wel

It’s almost old news by now. The US government, courtesy of an executive order from President Donald Trump, has blacklisted Huawei from buying from or selling to US companies. That has caused Google, Qualcomm, and ARM to withdraw support from the Chinese manufacturer, three companies that have a mutually beneficial relationship with Huawei. It has […]

How to get an always-on display on your Android phone

This feature is based on the logic that OLED displays do not require much power for displaying black pixels. Since only a portion of your screen is lit up when you are using the Always-on display and the rest is just a black screen, only a fraction of battery life would be consumed. The good […]

Android Battery Draining Fast? Fix Problem Using These Tips

Does your Android smartphone lose battery really fast? It can be caused by many reasons and may just be the case for your phone before you start thinking of replacing it. Here’s what we know about Android battery issues. Using Power Saving mode Almost all Android devices have this feature when you drop down the […]

From battery life to storage, tips to keep your phone running longer

While it’s easy to get lured into trading up to the latest phone model, there are ways to make your current phone perform better and last longer. The first, be gentle with it. Even midrange phones aren’t cheap, so shell out a few extra bucks for the screen protector and protective case to minimize damage. […]

Five Tips for Reducing Mobile Data Usage on Your Android Phone

If you’re on a limited data plan sometimes it seems like your phone is burning through its allocated data use and you’re getting overage fees. You’re not streaming Netflix or downloading tons of music or podcasts, so why does it seem like you never have enough? Or maybe you’re using a Prepaid plan like Mint, […]