Scan documents with your Android gadget

scan documents - Scan documents with your Android gadget

The start of the new year brings lots to look forward to, but it also signals the start of a necessary financial task: taxes. For 2019, resolve to make it easier on yourself by learning how to use your Android phone or tablet as a document scanner.

You’ve got a stack of receipts and other tax-related documents piling up, but it’s a breeze to digitize them when you harness the right app. You don’t need a standalone scanner that’s plugged into a computer. Your camera-equipped Android device already has all the right stuff to help you out.

While document scanning with Android can be critical as you prepare your tax files, keep it in mind for other times of the year. You can use to scan school assignments or letters, share business papers, or back up important personal documents. All you need is the right app.

Scan with Google Drive

Google Drive users have a fast option for scanning documents. Open your Google Drive app on your phone and tap on the plus sign in the circle at the bottom. Tap on the Scan icon that looks like a camera. Point the camera at the document and tap on the round button to take a picture.

You can now refine your scan. Tap on the crop icon near the top and adjust the corners if necessary. The checkmark saves your changes. The paint palette icon lets you put the document into black and white if needed, or you can select a color option. The three dots in the corner let you rename the document or rotate it. Touch the check mark at the bottom to save it to Drive for easy access or sharing.

While this is a quick way to add documents to Drive, there are also some apps that give you more powerful scanning features. Check out two of our recommendations.

By Amanda Kooser

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