If your Android phone drain so fast this recently, this could be due to android bug

Android Police have been reporting a new bug in phones and tablets that causes their screen to remain lit up, which leads to a quickly dying battery. The problem begins when the user calls out the wake words for Google Assistant. Saying, “Hey, Google” to activate the Assistant not only wakes Google Home but also […]

How To Remove Malicious Apps From Your Android Phone

The British security firm, Sophos, has just released a new report claiming 15 mobile apps. These popular apps have already amassed over 1.3 million downloads, which means there already reached the big crowd. According to Sophos, these mobile apps are not only filled with malicious adware, but it can also hide from the user’s device. […]

SPYWARE ALERT: Delete These Android Apps Now

Cyber-security firm Wandera is urging Android users to uninstall the popular ‘selfie filter’ apps Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera after discovering they were harbouring mobile adware. While both apps have now been removed from the Google Play Store, they were collectively installed over 1.5 million times. (1 million downloads for Sun Pro […]

How to stop random pop up ads on your Android device

There are popups all over the web and ads in many free apps, but that’s to be expected. It’s the cost of using free services. But these ads are constrained to the app or website, and they only show up when you’re actively using it — they shouldn’t ever pop up when you’re using a […]

How to Protect your Personal Data on Android Devices

Follow these easy steps to protect the personal data on your Android devices, and don’t forget that can include TVs and other dedicated devices as well as phones and tablets. Also, note that the instructions below may differ slightly depending on your version of Android. 1. Minimize Google’s data collection. On most Android devices you […]

How to enable fingerprint unlock feature in WhatsApp

All the Android smartphone users who use WhatsApp beta for Android can now unlock their smartphones using the fingerprint sensors on their smartphones. If you are a beta user of WhatsApp’s Android app you can start using this feature by updating your app to the latest version of the beta app – version 2.19.3. Once […]

New Google’s Android Feature will Save your life in an emergency

Google’s new Voice Free Emergency Operator will be made available on Pixel phones and across multiple Android devices. We’ll give you the 411 on what it is, how it works and why it’s great for users. What is the voice free emergency operator? Introduced on August 1, Googles emergency calling operator highlights the importance and […]

How to secure android phone from Malware

You might have stored loads of data on your Android phone. But do you still believe it is secure? Some of us believe that our data is secure until our smartphone is not lost, but actually, intruders can steal your content through the internet, even when it is secured in your hands. Hence, expert advice […]