How to enable fingerprint unlock feature in WhatsApp

All the Android smartphone users who use WhatsApp beta for Android can now unlock their smartphones using the fingerprint sensors on their smartphones. If you are a beta user of WhatsApp’s Android app you can start using this feature by updating your app to the latest version of the beta app – version 2.19.3. Once […]

New Google’s Android Feature will Save your life in an emergency

Google’s new Voice Free Emergency Operator will be made available on Pixel phones and across multiple Android devices. We’ll give you the 411 on what it is, how it works and why it’s great for users. What is the voice free emergency operator? Introduced on August 1, Googles emergency calling operator highlights the importance and […]

How to secure android phone from Malware

You might have stored loads of data on your Android phone. But do you still believe it is secure? Some of us believe that our data is secure until our smartphone is not lost, but actually, intruders can steal your content through the internet, even when it is secured in your hands. Hence, expert advice […]

Few ways to keep your android phone safe from hackers

Here are a few ways to keep your smartphone safe from hackers, malware and the other nasties of the digital era: Stay up to date with the latest Android version Always be sure to install the latest updates to your core apps and to the Android operating system as soon as they become available. You […]

Is it OK to use my Android while it charges?

Can I use my Android while it charges Perhaps it occurs to you that your Android gets hot if you use it while it’s charging. You don’t need to worry though — it is definitely safe to use while it’s charging. The bad thing about use while charging is you’ll slow down the charging speed […]

4 Tips on How to Recover Lost Data on Android Using EaseUS MobiSaver

We’ve all been there. One day, you’re happily taking snaps, sending emails, and taking calls on your Android phone before corruption strikes and you lose a bunch of precious data. Fortunately, EaseUS MobiSaver turns what would have been a tragedy into a minor nuisance. That’s because this invaluable app can actually recover lost or deleted […]

How to Protect Your Data From Unsecured Apps

To help you keep your private data safe, we spoke with security experts about the steps you can take to make sure the information on your phone data isn’t vulnerable – whether you’re connected to your small business’s network or just watching cat videos. 1. Keep apps updated. The easiest thing you can do to […]

8 signs it’s time to update or replace your Android

Over time you will find yourself tethered to an outlet. Yes, there are actions you can take when your Android battery is draining in the hopes of extending the life of your mobile device. However, if the battery continues to deplete at a rapid rate, save yourself the frustration and grab a new cellphone. Touch screen isn’t […]