Simple method to set different languages for each Android apps

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Generally, all the apps are written in the native language of the developer. If you want to change the in-app language from a third-party app, it is translated poorly. So, to solve this problem, in this article we will share the simple method to set different languages for each of your Android apps.

Step 1: Firstly, you are required to root your Android smart-phone because the app will work only on rooted Android system. Once you have rooted your Android, install the Xposed Installer app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Download and install the “App Locale” app from the module tab of the Xposed app which is a root app. Here, you need to activate the options from the installed App Locale or Module in the Xposed app.

Step 3: Once it is activated, you need to restart your Android device to ensure the module is running on your Android smart-phone. Check into the modules, you will get to see all apps list that is installed on your Android phone.

Step 4: Select one of the app which you want to edit the language. With the help of the app interface, choose the desired language from the given options and click on the confirm button. Now close the ‘App Locale’ app and open your app in which you have set up the language. Inside your app now you can see the change in the language. All the basic texts to menu texts can be seen in your desired language.

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