SPYWARE ALERT: Delete These Android Apps Now

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Cyber-security firm Wandera is urging Android users to uninstall the popular ‘selfie filter’ apps Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera after discovering they were harbouring mobile adware.

While both apps have now been removed from the Google Play Store, they were collectively installed over 1.5 million times. (1 million downloads for Sun Pro Beauty Camera and more than 500,000 for Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera.)

According to Wandera’s researchers, both apps are capable of draining the battery and even bricking your device. They also routinely display full-screen pop-up ads, whether the app is open or not.

In the case of SunPro Beauty Camera, the ads would appear even if the app was never opened and after the device had been restarted. The ads display over other Android apps too, making it difficult for users to pinpoint the source of the adware.

The most nefarious discovery however, was a permission in both apps that allowed them to access an infected device’s microphone. This gives them permission to record audio at any time without the user’s knowledge.

By Chris Jager

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