How to use Android Device Manager for tracking your kids

Privacy and security have grown to become very big concerns in today’s highly-connected world. With a considerable part of the world’s population owning a mobile device, it’s likely that these devices are also being used to keep track of our whereabouts, too. There has been quite some buzz about government agencies spying on calls and messages. […]

How to use Android Device Manager: track and wipe a lost or stolen smartphone

Now Android has added a very similar feature called the Android Device Manager for GPS-equipped smartphones andtablets. It allows you to locate your lost device and also change passwords, lock screen PINs, and even remotely wipe your missing unit. Here’s how to set up your phone or tablet to use the service, so the next time your Nexus […]

Google makes Android Device Manager app for mobile devices

In one of the more curious moves by Google, a few months ago when they launched the new Android Device Manager, users could only access the service via a web browser. That has changed with Google’s release of the Android Device Manager app to Google Play. The app brings all the same tools to your smartphone or tablet […]

How to use Android Device Manager as an anti-theft tool

Asides from being great at finding misplaced Android devices, it also can double as a theft deterrent device, enabling you to locate, lock, and even wipe your device remotely should you need to do so. Of course, you need to first make sure this is set-up properly, so let’s take a look at how it […]

Google Play Services update silently disables Android Device Manager

Google has just started to roll out an update for its Google Play Services that, while surely bringing in some improvements or bug fixes, exhibits a rather strange and somewhat worrying behavior. For a yet unknown reason, the update disables the Android Device Manager without informing the user at all. As updates for various Google […]

A quick guide on how to configure the new Android Device Manager on your phone

A quick guide on how you can set up Android Device Manager on your phone.  The first thing you may want to do is check on your phone whether the feature is available or not. To do so, open the Settings and switch to the security menu there. Locate Device administration here and tap on […]

Android Device Manager tracking and remote wipes go live

Google announced the Android Device Manager a little while back and since then we have seen bits and pieces of the puzzle coming together. Settings began showing up on Android devices earlier in the week and as of today the tracking website has gone live. This isn’t the complete setup just yet, but for now […]

Google announces Android Device Manager to help users find their lost devices

Google has now announced the Android Device Manager, a new website that will help users find their lost phone or tablet. Accompanying the website will be an installable app that is set to roll out later this month. The company has made this service available for all devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above. While […]