How to Download and Use Google Maps for Android, iOS Without Internet

  Lost in Nowhereland with no Internet connection as far as you can see? As always, Google Maps can help you find your way back, as long as you have an iOS or an Android device, even if you are offline. Google recently added a feature to Google Maps, which lets you save maps to […]

Whistle Camera for Android lets you take photos and selfies with your mouth

The term “hands-free” will never be the same. Imagine that you don’t have to fiddle with the touchscreen to take a picture on your Android device. Imagine that you don’t even have to hit a physical button to take a selfie. Imagine just whistling. Okay, now stop imagining and check out Whistle Camera for Android. The app […]

AllCast now streams your media to any Android device

Koushik Dutta’s AllCast app can stream media to seemingly any set-top box you might own, but it hasn’t let you stream to (most) Android devices. Today, though, that barrier has come down: Dutta has released AllCast Receiver, an app that turns any supporting Android gadget into a streaming target. You can now send video to a tablet for […]

Wireless Manager Saves Battery By Disabling WiFi When Out Of Range [Android]

The Wi-Fi radio on your Android device can be a real battery hog if left enabled for a longer period especially when it’s not even connected to a specific network as it constantly checks your environment to find (and connect to) an access point. Many users who have mobile data enabled will not turn WiFi off […]

3 Cool Ways to Quickly Launch Camera on Your Locked Android Device

How many times has it happened that you see something amazing, worth capturing in the mobile camera. But that fleeting moment usually doesn’t stop for you to fiddle around with your device’s lockscreen to find and launch the camera app. After that, all you can do is resort to social network whining, and hurling abuses at Android for letting […]

10 tips on how to make the battery life on your smartphone last longer

The more you Smartphone can do, the more it will empty the battery, be it an iPhone, Android device, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Consider these tips to squeeze more battery life between charges. 1. DIM THE SCREEN Turning down the brightness of your smartphone screen will help preserve battery life. Look in the Options or Settings […]

Droid NAS Wirelessly Transfers Files Between Your Android and Mac

Android: If you have an Android device and a Mac, you need to download Droid NAS right now to make your life a whole lot easier. It’s simple, it’s fast, it works without cords, and it doesn’t even need anything installed on the Mac. All that you need is for Droid NAS to be installed […]

How to Control Your Entire Home Theater with Your Android Device

We’ve talked before about how to control anything on your HTPC with your Android phone. But what if you have cable, a set top box, or any of the dozens of things hooked up to your TV? Or maybe you just want to control your stereo? Don’t worry-you’ve got some options, too. Control Any Device in […]