More Android devices are running Gingerbread than Nougat 7.0

cmnfw qucaan0n4 - More Android devices are running Gingerbread than Nougat 7.0

Slowly but surely, the news of Nougat updates are starting to roll in. The OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be getting beta versions in the near future, and ZTE recently announced an update for the Axon 7 arriving in January. But aside from some high profile devices like the LG V20, Google’s own Pixel (which sports the new 7.1) and some newer Nexus devices, the… Read More8v339gKBJs - More Android devices are running Gingerbread than Nougat 7.0

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District attorney says Google can unlock some Android devices remotely

District attorney says Google can unlock some Android devices remotely androidability 300x180 - District attorney says Google can unlock some Android devices remotely

Google and Apple can and will unlock smartphones and tablets when ordered to do so by a court, if the devices are not encrypted, a report from the Manhattan district attorney’s office has said.

The report, which details methods for extracting information from smartphones and other Android or iOS devices for law enforcement purposes when the owner does not give permission, explains that Apple can reset a locked phone with physical access to the device and Google can do similar remotely.

For either company to unlock the device without the owner’s permission the smartphone or tablet must not be encrypted, according to the report. Apple has enabled encryption by default in September 2014 with iOS 8 should a user set a passcode, which meant that the company could no longer unlock a device and access the data on it without knowing the user’s passcode.

According to data from Apple, 67% of Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are running iOS 9, 24% are using iOS 8 leaving 9% of users on iOS 7 or earlier.

by Samuel Gibbs

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Almost 90% of Android devices at risk

Theres a good chance your Android phone is at risk androidability 300x225 - Almost 90% of Android devices at risk

Almost 90% of Android devices are at risk for attacks through malicious apps and messages, according to a recent Cambridge University study.

Data collected from more than 20,000 volunteers found that 87% of Android devices are exposed to at least one of 11 known critical vulnerabilities. The study places the blame for Android devices’ high risk on the manufacturers themselves, noting that all large software companies today uncover security risks and then release software updates to protect users.

“Unfortunately something has gone wrong with the provision of security updates in the Android market,” the study reads. “Many smartphones are sold on 12–24 month contracts, and yet our data shows few Android devices receive many security updates.”

Android devices receive, on average, 1.26 security updates per year, resulting in long stretches of time where the devices are at risk.

“The difficulty is that the market for Android security today is like the market for lemons,” the study says. “There is information asymmetry between the manufacturer, who knows whether the device is currently secure and will receive security updates, and the customer, who does not.”

The researchers developed a scoring system, called the FUM score, to rank what Android devices are the most secure. The FUM score looks at the proportion of devices free from known critical vulnerabilities, the proportion of devices updated to the most recent version, and the number of vulnerabilities that have not been fixed on any device.

by Danielle Muoio

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Top 5 2013 Apps to Help Extend Battery Life of Android Devices

Top 5 Apps to Help Extend Battery Life for Android Devices in 2013

Since most smartphones are affected by battery life, users install various apps which claim to extend the power supply on their devices. It is important for a user to make optimum utilization of their batteries so that they can use their devices without having to plug-in for power at short intervals.

We bring you the top 5 applications for Android devices that will ensure the maximum utilization of the device’s battery:

1. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget – This is one of the top apps that will extend the life of your battery, with several power saving modes. The app shows the user the time remaining before the device switches off. It also has a widget with personalized UI design that will enhance the performance of the battery. The app also displays the amount of battery that can be saved if the user turns off Bluetooth, WiFi etc. In order to keep the process of charging “safe and healthy” the app has Charging Maintenance that will help in the overall extension of the battery life while charging. Download the app here.

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How to reset and change default apps on Android devices

default apps manager 371x660 - How to reset and change default apps on Android devicesThe fact is, only one app can be the default app that opens up when you launch a file type or protocol on your device. If none has been set, you will instant get an action prompt where you are asked to select the app you want to open your selection with. It can happen that you may want to change the handler for a file type, for instance when you have installed a new app that you’d like to use instead of the old one. Here’s two ways to reset and change default apps on Android devices.

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Impressive Android download manager with resume capabilities

android download manager 371x660 - Impressive Android download manager with resume capabilities Loader Droid Download Manager is a free (ad-supported) download manager for Android devices that is without doubt one of the most comfortable ones to use. Not only can it intercept a lot of downloads without any configuration whatsoever and from nearly every application that you run on Android, but it also comes with an impressive set of options and features that you can use to fine tune it even further.

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