Techies know this trick to fix an Android phone

As much as we rely on our smartphones these days, it can be tormenting when one starts running slow, freezing, or worse, crashing. The unfortunate fact is that these technical issues tend to occur at a time when you cannot afford to have your smartphone go down. Don’t despair, if you are an Android user, […]

How to keep using your iCloud calendar and reminders on an Android device

If you’re curious about trying an Android device then you might be interested to know that you need not abandon your iCloud calendar or reminders for Google based alternatives. With so many great devices on the market these days running Android it’s perfectly reasonable to expect someone to have a mix of both platforms in their lives. Keeping your […]

Watch Bollywood Streaming Videos for Free on your Smartphones

Watch Bollywood Streaming Videos for Free on your Smartphones Spuul, the Singapore-based company bringing streaming Bollywood TV shows and films to the world, has launched an Android app compatible with Android 2.2 to 4.x on Google Play. The new app, which is a global release, is currently focused on smartphones, though it will work on […]