Turn your Android Phone into a Functional Computer

There are mainly 3 main methods to do that. You can easily do it by attaching your device to a monitor or a TV with a mouse and keyboard with the help of Andromium OS, although you cannot find it in the form of free public beta. Limited-time free public data does not support it. […]

How to access your Android phone’s texts and photos in Windows 10

You just took a photo or screenshot on your Android phone and want to use it on your Windows 10 computer; or, maybe you texted someone on your phone and would like to continue the conversation on your computer. You can do both courtesy of Microsoft’s Your Phone feature. By pairing your phone with Windows […]

Delete these apps from your Android phone

Take a peek at your Android apps. Yes, all of them. I counted mine. I have 81 apps on my phone. Do I need all of those apps? I’m pretty sure the answer is “no.” If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then it’s time to delete some apps. There are a host of good reasons […]

The 10 best apps for your new Android phone

You’ve just unwrapped a new Android phone, logged in, typed in a hundred passwords, downloaded all the big social apps, and synced all the things that need syncing. Now it’s time to fill your phone up with everything else: the apps for reading, for getting things done, and for having fun. You probably have some […]

How to convert your Android phone into a webcam for your PC

An out of focus or blurred video feed is the last thing that you’d want when you’re on a meeting or when you’re talking to your friends. Once you find something to prop your device on, you are good to go. There are phone cases that come equipped with stands that allow you to prop […]

How to make an old Android phone feel new again

So summon your inner mechanic and get ready: It’s time to give that old Android phone a much-needed tune-up — and a fresh lease on life. Step 1: Clean up your storage First things first: Let’s take a look at that local storage. Lots of phones have limited local space, and clearing out the clutter […]

7 great ways to customize your Android phone

A new smartphone is a blank slate. You change the wallpaper, download your favorite apps, add a cool case, and eventually your smartphone becomes unique to you. When it comes to Android phones, there are some easy ways to really make it your own. Customizing your Android phone can mean a lot of things. It’s […]

Here are some tips to customize your Android phone

Android is an operating system that allows users to make changes and transform their devices by modifying the operating system code, and there are no licensing fees. Many devices come with pre-installed apps from Google, but Android users do not have to make use of these apps. They may install similar apps on their devices for accessing […]