Essential tips for keeping our Android phones safe

In the world we live in, we tend to take our mobile devices for granted these days. They sit in our pockets ready to provide us with access to the Internet, and all the different forms of entertainment that it holds. Something we tend to forget though to keep this portal safe, especially from the […]

Google brings RCS, the next-gen upgrade to SMS, to Android phones on Sprint

 As promised earlier this year, Google is bringing RCS – Rich Communications Service, an upgrade to the SMS standard – to Android devices. Its first carrier partner on the initiative is Sprint, which is rolling out RCS messaging to its customers with Android devices, starting today. Once enabled, RCS will offer Android users an enhanced messaging […]

Cool and Hidden features of Android Phones

Android has almost reached the top of smartphone market segment and day by day its user base is growing strong.These smartphones have become part of our daily life and we use them at most of the times but we still miss out on exploring our phone’s features completely.Many android users do not know much about the […]

Outlook Web App for Android will help your smartphone fit in at work

It’s easy to find Android phones that can handle the Exchange-based email you often find in the workplace, but they don’t always support all the latest features. That won’t be a problem for much longer, though, as Microsoft has just revealed plans to bring Outlook Web App to Google’s platform later this year. Much like its iOS counterpart from […]

How to improve the sound and volume quality on your Android

You’ve probably run into the problem that the sound emitted from your smartphone is rather dull, partly due to the hardware design where stereo speakers are placed on the back of the smartphone. It’s difficult to change this small and frustrating detail and the sound quality on Android sometimes leave much to be desired. There are however […]

Android KitKat Blocks Some Access to Micro SD Cards

While many Android phones have done away with expandable storage, enthusiast site Android Police has discovered that Google is pushing to limit the ability of apps to write to certain portions of SD cards altogether as of Android 4.4 (KitKat). The changes (which you can read about in-depth at the source link below) now mean […]

Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones

The stock browser that comes with an Android phone is definitely a great web browser but it is still lacking when compared to some third-party web browsers for Android. If you’re looking for an alternative to the stock Android browser then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find five […]

12 best Android phones to gift for Christmas 2013: Android phone gift buyer’s guide

Buying a smartphone for someone can be tricky. A phone is about the most personal piece of tech anyone can use, and you need to take into consideration the network that person uses, the platform of their current handset and so on. If the person for whom you are buying is – for instance – […]