How To Delete Keyboard History On Your Android Smartphone

Functions searching for a file, googling something, paying for something, editing or saving contacts, etc. all need the help of a keyboard, but the catch that people don’t realize is in order to provide better predictions and be more accurate, almost everything you type is saved and stored for reference, setting the convenience of having […]

7 Tips to reduce data usage on an Android Smartphone

In this article, it will discuss tips you can use to reduce your Android smartphone’s data consumption in order to prevent extra charges. Limit your data usage in Settings. You can set a limit to your monthly data usage and this is the easiest thing you can do to avoid using large amounts of data […]

Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Running Smooth Just like When It Was New

We live in an era of upgrades. Companies marketing their new stuff for you to buy, from gadgets to household items, rolling out improved features with each release attempting to provide something irresistibly better than the last one.  It’s a good thing but also a bad thing for some of us who are more intentional […]

Make your Android smartphone feel new again with these tips

Download A Launcher Downloading a new launcher can actually help change the dull look of your phone and make it feel new again. There are thousands of launchers available on Google Play. There’s GO launcher, Zero Launcher, Nova Launcher and more. I advise you install just one on your phone to avoid allocating unnecessary storage space to launchers and slowing down […]

How to find the camera sensor model number of your Android smartphone

With thousands of smartphones floating in the market, it is critical for us to compare these smartphones before buying a buying a smartphone to make sure that you are buying the best device. You can compare the performance of the Android smartphones with the help of benchmark scores which are often released by consumer remotes. […]

Tips for getting more out of your Android smartphone

Android is the world’s most widely used smartphone operating system, yet it has lots of useful functions that many people don’t know about. This is partly due to its many versions and also because of the sometimes large differences between the various Android phone manufacturers. Here are some useful tips for users of Android 7.0 […]

How to control your Android smartphone using a PC

For this, we are going to use a tool called Vysor, which is an screen mirroring app that allows you control your phone on PC. This app comes handy, when you want to play mobile games on your computer. Follow the below steps Step 1: First off, you need to enable the ADB on your computer […]

5 tips to speed up a slow Android smartphone

Like computers, smartphones become slower over time when not maintained. This is usually due to an increasing number of applications, processes, and files stored on the device. If your Android device is running slowly and you can’t determine why, the tips below may help you speed it up. Bundled software The first step is to […]