Android Photography Tips And Tricks: Five Best Ways to Snap Photos On Any Android Smartphone

These days, one of the qualifications a smartphone must possess is a high-quality camera. People simply love to take photos with their smartphones and everyone can easily guess why. Apart from the convenience they offer, mobile cameras are often the most accessible gadget owners can get hold of as they try to capture the best […]

Top 5 Android tips and tricks for smartphones and tablets

Android is the most popular mobile OS with 3 billion active users so here are our top tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet.  There are all kinds of things which Android can do and you might not even know it, so that’s why we’ve put […]

So you just got a new Android smartphone …

You’ve got the new phone, now we’re going to show you how to get up and running So, you just got a new Android smartphone — that’s pretty exciting! But once the initial awe of this new gadget wears off, you realize you actually need to use that phone. For those of us who read (and write for) Android Central regularly […]

12 things not to do with your Android smartphone

Your Android phone is many things: one of your most precious possessions, a statement of who you are, and maybe even the place where you keep your secrets. And yet many of us don’t protect our phones properly, or we do daft things that could do serious damage to our data or our reputations. What shouldn’t you […]

How to update your Android smartphone or tablet: Get the latest software on your phone or tablet

To get the best performance and features from your Android smartphone or tablet you should make sure you’re always running the very latest software available for it, not just in terms of apps but also the Android operating system. Here’s how to update Android on your smartphone or tablet. For more Android tips and tricks see Android Advisor. Android […]

Master Google Android: 40 Tips and Tricks

The first time you use an Android phone, one thing becomes immediately clear: You’re not in Cupertino anymore. Android, as recent Verizon commercials remind us, is the antithesis of Apple’s celebrated handset: It’s open source, fully customizable, and free from unexplained app rejections. If the iPhone is Apple’s inalterable masterpiece, the Android platform is Google’s […]

How to improve your GPS signal on your Android

It’s pretty much a given that if you’re buying any type of Android smartphone, you’ll have internal GPS built into the phone. This allows smartphones to use navigational apps, such as Google Maps, location services to properly tag your geo-location across apps, and other uses. However, not all GPS sensors are built equal: they have […]

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk for Android adds FREE training plan feature: Free Download

Today there are over 25 million people using RunKeeper, a personal trainer in the pocket. You have many ways to interact with the app, having fun and also track your sports activities. If you wish to track your walking, cycling, running or biking use the GPS in your Android smartphone. The RunKeeper update brings new […]