Top 5 Android tips and tricks for smartphones and tablets

Android is the most popular mobile OS with 3 billion active users so here are our top tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet.  There are all kinds of things which Android can do and you might not even know it, so that’s why we’ve put […]

Android, Apple, or Windows: How to Choose the Right Tablet

It’s difficult to remember a time before tablets, but it’s been four short years since the original Apple iPad hit the scene, and the current tablet market was born. Since then, we’ve seen scores of manufacturers trying to snag a slice of the tablet pie. And the game is finally getting interesting: For the first time in […]

Best tablet games: 7 to play on your shiny new Android slab!

Tablets have adopted a major role in the Android world and an increasingly large number of apps uploaded onto the Google Play Store have been optimized for tablets. Although the games selected today are also compatible for smartphones, they are actually designed for larger screens in order to take full advantage of the graphics, effects […]

How to update your Android smartphone or tablet: Get the latest software on your phone or tablet

To get the best performance and features from your Android smartphone or tablet you should make sure you’re always running the very latest software available for it, not just in terms of apps but also the Android operating system. Here’s how to update Android on your smartphone or tablet. For more Android tips and tricks see Android Advisor. Android […]

How to get good bass on Android: boost the sound on your Android smartphone or tablet

Here’s where we show you how to get good bass and boost the sound on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you’re looking to find out how to get good bass on yourAndroid device, or simply boost the overall sound and audio performance of your Android smartphone or tablet, then you’ve come to the right place. See all Android tips. The […]

How To Set Up Your Android Tablet

Having problems setting up your new Android Wi-Fi tablet? Here’s how to connect to a wireless network, set up a Google account and connect to a wireless printer. Tablets are really useful personal computing devices, but unlike a laptop or desktop PC, they tend to be a little bit fiddly to set up, especially now […]

Keep your Android Tablet Perfect with these Tips

Did you just get hold of your new Android tablet ? Are you done with your installation and activation processes? Well, in that case we3 have for you a list of things you could do to take care of your new memento! Going by what folks at CNet say, the steps are not compulsory, but they will help you […]

Slice now lets you track all your online purchases from your Android tablet

If you’re based in the US, you may have come across Slice before, the service thattracks all your online purchases and pulls the information together into one place. Thus far, Slice has been available for iPhone, Android smartphones and the Web. But from today, it’s now available for Android tablets too. To use Slice, you don’t need […]