Google lets Android users search in their apps

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find that piece of info you know is buried in one of your apps? If you’re an Android user, Google is going to help you with that. The company announced Wednesday the launch of Apps, a new search mode designed to enable users to search for information in […]

How do you secure your Android device?

For this week’s poll, we are curious about the general privacy and security habits of the Android users who come to our site. We talk nonstop about the protection of our private data on the internet, but smartphone users seem to pile more and more of it onto cyberspace each day. Are you sure that your […]

How to Download Android Apps on PC for Free?

Android OS is a true currency in modern day. Indeed, the advent of Android has facilitated the evolution of the apps faster than it ever was. There are thousands of games available in App stores for Android users. The Android users have been a bit of a torment for PC users since there are many […]

Android users can safely secure content in the cloud without worry over unintended access concerns

Simplexo announced that users can now secure and search data stored on Android devices and in Google Drive. With these new capabilities, SearchYourCloud users can now safely find documents and files stored in most major cloud storage and email sites, which also include Dropbox, Box, Exchange,, and Sharepoint. See Full Story on