11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of different ways to liven things up without having to root your phone, or in some cases, even spend a penny. Sure, Facebook’s chat-head style notifications set a trend for a bobble-headed approach, but that’s not the only way you can modify how you get informed about new events, and for […]

How to improve your GPS signal on your Android

It’s pretty much a given that if you’re buying any type of Android smartphone, you’ll have internal GPS built into the phone. This allows smartphones to use navigational apps, such as Google Maps, location services to properly tag your geo-location across apps, and other uses. However, not all GPS sensors are built equal: they have […]

10 common mistakes Android newbies make

​If you’re just learning the Android ropes, you might get tangled up in a mistake or two. Here are 10 ways to avoid problems and get the maximum benefit from your Android device.     Android is the most widely used platform on the planet. That means it is being used by a variety of skill levels. […]

CCleaner Beta for Android Clears Call Logs, Caches, Uninstalls Apps

Android: CCleaner has always been one of our favorite maintenance tools on Windows. Now the app has come to Android with a variety of features to clean up, maintain, and optimize your Android device. The app allows you to clear app cache and data, bulk uninstall unwanted applications, erase your browser history or call logs, and […]

How to setup WiFi calling on any Android device

WiFi calling is a feature touted by some carriers to be a big cost-saver. Going beyond the traditional carrier model, some prepaid MVNO providers are even offering pure WiFi-based calling and texting, only falling back to cellular while outside of WiFi coverage. The idea here is that users are mostly blanketed by WiFi routers and hotspots […]

Speed Up Chrome for Android with this Settings Tweak

Android: Chrome is one of our favorite Android browsers, but it can be a little sluggish sometimes. This settings tweak, thanks to Redditor erythrocytes64, may give you a tidy speed boost, depending on your device. In short, what you’re doing is giving Chrome access to more memory, and eliminating that stutter you get when scrolling up and […]

Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your Phone

Protect your phone and guard it from virus, spyware, and phone hacking with Mobile Security & Anti Virus. Mobile Security & Anti Virus will block and uninstall malicious apps to protect your device. It scans and detects threats and proactively checks out apps installed on your device to make sure you’re protected. Mobile Security & Anti […]

Hide Your Private Photos & Videos on Android with Vaulty

These data not always contain any document or app which can be locked by using locker apps like AppLock. Sometimes these contains some pictures and videos too. We can’t lock our gallery app , photo-viewer or media player apps because it will then lock the app for every photo and video. So, we have a smarter […]