11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

Notifications 786x305 - 11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of different ways to liven things up without having to root your phone, or in some cases, even spend a penny.

Sure, Facebook’s chat-head style notifications set a trend for a bobble-headed approach, but that’s not the only way you can modify how you get informed about new events, and for older handsets that haven’t been gifted with features like lock screen widgets (Android 4.2+) and album art (Android 4.4), these are a handy way to make things a bit more interesting.


The app formerly known as Floating Notifications (TAFKAFN, if we’re following Prince’s logic), now going under the moniker Floatifications, was updated at the start of the year to include a new ticker display option, as well as to reflect its name change.

At its core, what Floatifications does is take Facebook’s chat-head-style interface and apply it to virtually any app you want, although the company notes during the setup process that there may be a few that are incompatible – and to email them to add support.

One of the key advantages of Floatifications over stock Android is that it also works in full-screen mode, allowing for uninterrupted access to notifications. So if you’re watching a YouTube video, for example, and receive an SMS, you don’t actually have to navigate away from whatever you are watching to read the content of the message. Tapping on it, however, will take you to your normal messaging app to reply (and therefore away from whatever you were doing before).

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How to improve your GPS signal on your Android

It’s pretty much a given that if you’re buying any type of Android smartphone, you’ll have internal GPS built into the phone. This allows smartphones to use navigational apps, such as Google Maps, location services to properly tag your geo-location across apps, and other uses. However, not all GPS sensors are built equal: they have different precision and features. In some cases, it may be the hardwares fault that the GPS sensor isn’t working properly, especially in some of the older devices that first started to incorporate this feature. However, nowadays, poor GPS reception or performance could be based on system settings, current ROM installed, or other easily fixed issues. We’ll show you how you can improve your GPS performance on your Android device!
shutterstock 94560832 - How to improve your GPS signal on your Android
Issues with your GPS? Well, we might be able to fix that!! / © koya979 / shutterstock
First and foremost, make sure you’ve got your GPS is enabled on your device. Head to Settings > Location Access. In there, you’ll want to make sure that GPS Satellites and Access to my location are turn on/check off.


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10 common mistakes Android newbies make

​If you’re just learning the Android ropes, you might get tangled up in a mistake or two. Here are 10 ways to avoid problems and get the maximum benefit from your Android device.


androidnoobiehero - 10 common mistakes Android newbies make


Android is the most widely used platform on the planet. That means it is being used by a variety of skill levels. If you exist on the newbie end of the scale (or if you have to support a group of newbies running Android), know that there are some common mistakes made with this Google-centric platform. Some mistakes come from the adjustments you have to make when migrating from another platform. But others are a bit more grievous and could even cause some form of data loss. All these mistakes can be easily avoided with just a bit of knowledge. So that’s what I’m going to give to you — in the form of 10 preventable newbie mistakes.

1: Don’t expect it to act like an iPhone

Many users who migrate from the iOS platform expect Android to behave the same way. Sure, fundamentally it does. It will make and receive phone calls, check email, and view web pages. But once you get beyond the basic functionality, the Android and iOS platforms have little in common. If you assume that Android and iPhone smartphones are the same, you are in for a frustrating experience. Each platform approaches tasks differently, and if you assume your Android device is similar to an iPhone, you’ll miss out on a lot of features.

2: Secure it now

You have plenty of data on that smartphone… data you do not want getting into to the hands of other users. To that end, you must secure your smartphone with a password, or a pattern, a fingerprint, or whatever your device offers. No matter how you approach it, don’t leave your data open for all to see. In the case of your Google account, consider two-step authentication. You want your device as secure as possible.

3: Avoid that POP

The single most common question I get is, “Why are emails disappearing from my phone or desktop?” It’s because you set up your email as a POP account and didn’t configure your phone or desktop to retain messages on the server. The best way around this is to avoid configuring your email account as a POP account. With Android you can set up many types of accounts… but just avoid POP as much as you can.

4: Don’t drown yourself in widgets

I’ve seen Android homescreens so dense with launchers and widgets, it looked like the app drawer vomited up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately, the more widgets you have on your homescreen (especially those that display data from online accounts) the more battery you will use. If you really want a few widgets on your homescreen, choose wisely and don’t overdo it.

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CCleaner Beta for Android Clears Call Logs, Caches, Uninstalls Apps

aorg2etrdge4mbp4eelw - CCleaner Beta for Android Clears Call Logs, Caches, Uninstalls Apps

Android: CCleaner has always been one of our favorite maintenance tools on Windows. Now the app has come to Android with a variety of features to clean up, maintain, and optimize your Android device.

The app allows you to clear app cache and data, bulk uninstall unwanted applications, erase your browser history or call logs, and even remove your clipboard data. Some of the functions are already available in Android itself. However, having the features in one place (plus a few new ones) is extremely handy.

To use the CCleaner beta, you’ll first need to sign up for the Google+ Community here and then install the application from the link below.

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How to setup WiFi calling on any Android device

Scratch Wireless Wifi - How to setup WiFi calling on any Android device

WiFi calling is a feature touted by some carriers to be a big cost-saver. Going beyond the traditional carrier model, some prepaid MVNO providers are even offering pure WiFi-based calling and texting, only falling back to cellular while outside of WiFi coverage.

The idea here is that users are mostly blanketed by WiFi routers and hotspots almost anywhere, anyway. While at home, or while at work, there is likely to be a fast and reliable WiFi access point, which is likely to be faster (or at least with lower latency) than cellular connections.

This is the premise behind providers like Republic Wireless, Freedompop  and Straight Talk, as well as Scratch Wireless. WiFi-only (or WiFi-first) providers promise mostly unlimited calls and text while connected to a WiFi hotspot. Cellular calls and text may come as a fall-back for free or for a nominal fee.

But you don’t necessarily have to be on these providers to get calls and texts through WiFi. Sure, there are IP-based chatting services and VoIP providers (Skype, Viber, Line, WhatsApp and others come to mind). But if you want to be able to receive calls and texts from other landlines or mobile phones, here’s the solution: Google Voice.

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Speed Up Chrome for Android with this Settings Tweak

oekgpokvtptku5oacoog - Speed Up Chrome for Android with this Settings Tweak

Android: Chrome is one of our favorite Android browsers, but it can be a little sluggish sometimes. This settings tweak, thanks to Redditor erythrocytes64, may give you a tidy speed boost, depending on your device.

In short, what you’re doing is giving Chrome access to more memory, and eliminating that stutter you get when scrolling up and down pages. All you have to do is open a new Chrome tab on your Android device, and paste this in the address bar:


Bump that up to 512. Your changes won’t take effect until the next time Chrome is restarted, but you’ll see a button at the bottom that says “relaunch now.” Tap that, and Chrome will close, then re-open. It should be much snappier than before. I tested out the tweak, and sure enough, I saw better scrolling and navigation performance on my Moto X. It won’t make pages load faster, but it definitely makes them easier to browse.

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Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your Phone

Protect your phone and guard it from virus, spyware, and phone hacking with Mobile Security & Anti Virus.

8u3WFpJRLcpLc689lXuEiwGiPGWZSvTngzGwqUQobVYwk10 zBsQAAcwC3kL73KvZ3E=h900 - Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your PhoneG2XV8FdCV0dix8jZqkidL5zm7YhBagYHbjHhshiAbCeRZwHLHakqMtgjtoRhJUs2qE 7=h900 - Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your Phone

Mobile Security & Anti Virus will block and uninstall malicious apps to protect your device. It scans and detects threats and proactively checks out apps installed on your device to make sure you’re protected.

fmb5HIgJtqQZgD1NbpSx csbsogvniPwVmx9676YBf4AzF6DrWD01tniyG9INHf8ccox=h900 - Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your PhoneSQEiSj63IH2uL7eiDkRyyuSo6SUiuoLQd3xSGc1OWcz3HI8I3p35Ic6HGK0d918C7Q=h900 - Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your Phone

Mobile Security & Anti Virus also offers anti-eavesdropping software and better protects your mobile payments and transactions. You’ll be notified of suspicious activities instantly with an alarm and can feel secure knowing you’re not sharing any information with anyone.

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Hide Your Private Photos & Videos on Android with Vaulty

These data not always contain any document or app which can be locked by using locker apps like AppLock. Sometimes these contains some pictures and videos too. We can’t lock our gallery app , photo-viewer or media player apps because it will then lock the app for every photo and video.

So, we have a smarter app to deal with the problem. The app is called Vaulty which can selectively hide your photos and videos and lock it in its protected vault.

unnamedfd - Hide Your Private Photos & Videos on Android with Vaulty

 About Vaulty App

Available for android, Vaulty is a free app that allow you to set text or number password to its vault where you can send images or videos to keep private, locked and password protected from pyring eyes.

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