This App Guarantees It Can Protect Your Privacy When You Search For Stuff Online

Online privacy has become a growing concern, especially after last year’s NSA leaks. People feel uncomfortable searching for stuff online based on how much information they give away. That’s where Disconnect comes in: It launched a new Web page and Android app to help address these issues. Disconnect disguises your actual location when you submit a search. […]

Too Lazy To Print Your Photographs? There’s An App For It

They live among us! We are referring to those who click a lot of photographs on the vacation, but never actually print them out of lethargy. This is where ‘Photo Prints’ by Zoomin comes to the rescue. It’s a smartphone app that makes it simple to print photos and have them delivered right at your […]

Install the Android Wear launcher on your Android device

Jason Cipriani/CNET Earlier this week Google announced Android Wear , the platform that’s going to bring Android to more wearables in the very near future. Along with the announcement, it also released a developer preview of the operating system for developers to begin working magic with. Naturally the preview included an emulator for devs to preview their work on. […]

10 things you didn’t know you could do with Android

LOS ANGELES — Google updates Android software so often that sometimes we miss some of the really cool new features — like smiling at the phone to unlock and use it. By far the No. 1 mobile operating system, Android is used on devices that range from the Samsung Galaxy series to handsets from LG […]

How to keep using your iCloud calendar and reminders on an Android device

If you’re curious about trying an Android device then you might be interested to know that you need not abandon your iCloud calendar or reminders for Google based alternatives. With so many great devices on the market these days running Android it’s perfectly reasonable to expect someone to have a mix of both platforms in their lives. Keeping your […]

Energy Bar Keeps Your More Aware A Your Battery In A Unique Way

Battery power. No feature is more critical to Smartphone, tablet, and computer users than having a reliable battery. But, let’s face it. Sometimes there just isn’t much more you can do other than the basic few things to help keep your battery in good shape. Those things are, typically, lower the display brightness, turn down the […]

How to Easily Block Calls on Android

Maybe you’ve got a crazy ex-girlfriend. Or maybe you keep getting calls from one annoying telemarketer. But whatever the reason may be, you need to learn how to block calls on Android. Today, we’re going to show you how to easily do that in just a few steps. STOCK ANDROID DOES NOT HAVE A CALL […]

3 Elite Gym Training Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts On Android

NIKE TRAINING CLUB The name itself tells you what you can expect out of this app in general one of the best designed and equipped apps ever. More so, it’s designed targeting the female population of health-conscious Android users in particular. This app is developed by Nike Inc. itself and has enormous potential majorly driven […]