Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your Phone

Protect your phone and guard it from virus, spyware, and phone hacking with Mobile Security & Anti Virus. Mobile Security & Anti Virus will block and uninstall malicious apps to protect your device. It scans and detects threats and proactively checks out apps installed on your device to make sure you’re protected. Mobile Security & Anti […]

New malware tries to infect Android devices via USB cable

Gone are the days when only downloading from Google Play was enough to stay safe. Anti-virus and security company Symantec has released details of a new piece of Windows malware that tries to infect Android devices when they are plugged into a compromised PC. The new malware, called Trojan.Droidpak, installs itself as a system service on a Windows […]

Lookout – A Quality Anti-Virus Tool For Your Android Device

The news at the end of 2013 stated that it was a year when nearly 18 million Android devices reported being infected with malwares, and statistics dictate that your device could be one of these victims too. In the light of all this, protecting your Android smartphone was an utmost necessity, and in order to […]

Study: 32.8 Million Android Phones Infected with Malware

Do you have an anti-virus app on your Android phone yet? If not, a new study conducted by security firm NQ Mobile suggests you’re playing with fire: The number of malware threats to your Android phone has increased 163% over the past year alone. The study, which looked at over 5.3 million apps available in 406 different […]