Apps that help Retirees with financial and medical matters

Savvy retirees and pre-retirees are taking advantage of technology to save money, stay healthy and enhance their lives. AARP This free app offers dozens of money-saving tips and deals on travel for seniors from AARP. It combines the best content from its website and magazines with new features that help you explore cost-cutting options in […]

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

The cameras on our smartphones are pretty great, and most of us use them to constantly take pictures. Unfortunately, not every picture turns out great and some might need some post-processing. The upside is that there is an abundance of photo editing applications for Android. But which ones should you check out? These are the […]

How to find the best Android apps

If you want to avoid wasting time on the dross then there are a few techniques worth adopting and some handy apps and services that can help you. Let’s take a look at Android app discovery done right. The majority can’t be wrong An obvious place to start is with the Play Store charts. You […]

Stand-alone Facebook Messenger app has now the ability to send and receive SMS messages

Facebook social network is trying to replicate another vital cell-phone function: texting. Some users with the Android version of Facebook Messenger were prompted Tuesday to import their text messages, with the ability to send and receive SMS messages added to the app. When the Facebook Messenger app was activated, this prompt appeared: After synching text messages with […]

How to update Android apps

So you’ve got loads of apps downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone or tablet but can’t see how to update them. Find out in our how to update Android apps guide. Apps are great but updating them is important. From new levels on your favourite games to new features to critical bug fixes and […]