7 Tips to reduce data usage on an Android Smartphone

In this article, it will discuss tips you can use to reduce your Android smartphone’s data consumption in order to prevent extra charges. Limit your data usage in Settings. You can set a limit to your monthly data usage and this is the easiest thing you can do to avoid using large amounts of data […]

How to Avoid Using Up All of your Smartphone Data

YOU KNOW THOSE texts from your carrier informing you that you’ve almost blown through your mobile data allotment? Of course you do. You receive them every month. Which means it’s time to make some changes. Sure, you could switch to an unlimited data plan, but those can be costly. Instead, take control of your data destiny by […]

Onavo Optimizes Your Data Plan Usage

If you’re anything like most people, chances are that you have a monthly cell plan with either an allotted or unlimited amount of data that you’re entitled to. Understanding where you’re spending it and how much you have left, if any at all at the end of the month is where the expertise of Onavo Count comes […]

Use NetLive for Android to find data-hogging apps in real-time

One of the first things you should do on a limited data plan is find ways to conserve data. But what if you’ve followed all the tips for saving data, and you still seem to be running out too quickly? There may be a data-hogging culprit in your mix of apps. NetLive is an Android […]