Give Your ‘Android Phone’ a Speep-Rush With a Single Tweak; Helpful Tips And Tricks to Speed Up Android Phones

Apple’s iOS 7.1 software update has recently been released. There were new features, bug fixes and performance improvements, including significantly less “app crashes” and good speed boost. Samsung Mobile India/ Facebook Samsung Galaxy S4 Every reviewer went on to give the best and the worst comments about the latest software update. You can read the tips and tricks for iOS 7.1here. Although […]

10 things you didn’t know you could do with Android

LOS ANGELES — Google updates Android software so often that sometimes we miss some of the really cool new features — like smiling at the phone to unlock and use it. By far the No. 1 mobile operating system, Android is used on devices that range from the Samsung Galaxy series to handsets from LG […]

7 Essential tips for new smartphone owners

Smartphones have become so sophisticated that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the features and pre-installed apps that confront us when we first power up our new device. Having set up e-mail and learned the voice and text basics, we often breathe a sigh of relief and put off the more details to another […]

Google+ 4.1 hits Android with notable improvements and enhancements

A new version (4.1) of Google+ is rolling out to Android devices over the next few days and it’s full of new features, enhancements, and more. A post from Google’s Virgil Dobjanschi tells us that the app now plays better with pages and account switching, integration of other Google services, and pull-to-refresh. Of course, it’s not all […]

How to get the best Moto X features on your Android device

The Moto X is one of the most talked about smartphones of the year. Despite not being equipped with a full HD display and a quad-core processor like other high-end devices, Motorola still managed to bring something special to the market. The company tweaked the Android operating system just enough to deliver a unique user […]

How to enable 4G on a Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the most interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ability of it to connect to LTE networks, more commonly referred to as fourth generation networks or 4G. Those who possess the device (…and the data plan to back it up!) can activate LTE connection, but it requires a little bit of […]

How to Set Notification LED on HTC One

The users of HTC One may be at great ease and comfort while using their new Smartphone HTC One. It is undoubtedly one of the hottest selling Smartphone available in the market throughout the world. The new users get confused to see various newly added features in it. One of these features if to set […]

Best Photo Apps For your Android Tablets

The road to creating a captivating image doesn’t end once you press the shutter button. Exposure, contrast and color balance adjustments can go a long way towards communicating your photographic vision. And while smartphones are perfectly sized for taking photos on the go, the much larger screen area of tablets makes them a great choice […]