How to Save Files to Google Drive in Android 4.4 KitKat

Google enhanced the document saving functionality in Android 4.4 KitKat, creating a more system-wide approach to file management. In previous versions of Android, you needed to edit a document in the Google Drive app in order to save it to Google Drive. Now, more apps can access your Google Drive and other cloud storage accounts […]

Android users can safely secure content in the cloud without worry over unintended access concerns

Simplexo announced that users can now secure and search data stored on Android devices and in Google Drive. With these new capabilities, SearchYourCloud users can now safely find documents and files stored in most major cloud storage and email sites, which also include Dropbox, Box, Exchange,, and Sharepoint. See Full Story on

Scan receipts and other important documents directly from your Android device

The latest recipient of a healthy dose of the Now virtual assistant is Google Drive, which updated its Android app on Wednesday with several new features. A new Scan feature lets you back up and track important receipts, business cards, and documents by using existing optical character recognition (OCR) tech already in Drive. Choose Scan […]

How-to: Use Google Drive to upload photos from Android, iOS

Taking photos is only half the battle for budding photographers, it creates the need to get those masterpieces onto a computer for storage and other purposes. The more photos you take, the bigger the task of getting them transferred to a bigger screen. Photo transfers involve two steps: getting the photos from the phone to […]