How to download music from Google Play

This is a two-part question: how to download your own content on Google Play, either uploaded or bought, and how to listen to music offline (we recently shared how to save radio stations for offline listening too). Google Play Music is a one-stop shop for many of us, and it certainly covers a lot of […]

Signs your Android device is infected with malware (and what to do about it)

Here are a few of the malware protection apps you can download from Google Play: Malwarebytes Malwarebytes, long a provider of PC malware protection software, on Wednesday unveiled its first mobile software for Android devices. The company says its free Android app covers more than 200 malware families and their variants, including “thousands of malware types, […]

Not sure what music to listen to, just ask Google Now on Android to “play some music”

Google is well known for its shenanigans and easter eggs when it comes to search, just try a Google search for “askew” to see them in action. So when Google Now on Android gets a cool new voice activated feature, I wonder if it is an easter egg or a full blown feature. This time around, […]

Recordense for Android is a stylish recorder for annotating audio with notes

A quick peruse in Google Play reveals there’s no shortage of audio recording apps at your disposal. Some are pretty basic, while some offer more advanced functionality such as time-tags, and the ability to annotate recordings with photos. The latest one to hit our radar goes by the name of Recordense, which is a really nicely-designed app that shows a […]

New malware tries to infect Android devices via USB cable

Gone are the days when only downloading from Google Play was enough to stay safe. Anti-virus and security company Symantec has released details of a new piece of Windows malware that tries to infect Android devices when they are plugged into a compromised PC. The new malware, called Trojan.Droidpak, installs itself as a system service on a Windows […]

Here’s How To Optimise Your App For The Google Play Store

The Google Play store will probably be a bigger player over the next 5-10 years because of the open source nature of the Android platform. Also, since this is a Google product, the store has access to search indexes collected by Google. Yes, that means back to some traditional link building for the Google Play […]

Google makes Android Device Manager app for mobile devices

In one of the more curious moves by Google, a few months ago when they launched the new Android Device Manager, users could only access the service via a web browser. That has changed with Google’s release of the Android Device Manager app to Google Play. The app brings all the same tools to your smartphone or tablet […]

How To Turn Off Auto App Updates on Android

ANDROID 4.3 Open up the Google Play Store App from your App Drawer or where you have it located. Choose Apps and then go to Settings by using the capacitive button to the left of the Home Button. Once you reach the Settings Window select Auto-Update Apps. On the menu pop-up that appears choose Do […]