Google Maps for Android and iOS now alerts you when a faster route becomes available

Google has updated Google Maps for Android and iOS to alert you when a faster route becomes available. In other words, if you’re stuck in a traffic jam, Google Maps will let you know exactly when it makes sense to take that detour: You can download the new version now for iOS from Apple’s App Store. There’s no need […]

Manage your PS4 with the Official App for Android and iOS

Those preparing for their imminent arrival of the PS4 gaming console this Friday can now download the system’s companion application for Android and iOS. The PlayStation App arrived in the iTunes App Store and Google Play earlier this morning, two days before the PS4, Sony’s follow-up to the PlayStation 3, arrives on store shelves. As […]

Migrating to Android from iOS? Some basic Apps to look into

If you are migrating to Android from iOS, the first thing you will probably want to do is find the Android versions or equivalents of your iPhone or iPad apps. But there are a couple of new things you should look into. 1. Keyboards. The Android keyboard has improved over the past few years and is […]