Droid NAS Wirelessly Transfers Files Between Your Android and Mac

Android: If you have an Android device and a Mac, you need to download Droid NAS right now to make your life a whole lot easier. It’s simple, it’s fast, it works without cords, and it doesn’t even need anything installed on the Mac. All that you need is for Droid NAS to be installed […]

Learn how to sync your Android device with a Mac like a pro

Android devices and Macs just don’t get a long. This misconception may have been true back in Android’s infancy, but nowadays there’s a long list of methods, apps, and services that let you use your Android device with your Mac. It’s impossible to cover every app and service available. So here’s a complete guide to […]

Control Your Mac From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Android: Smartphones have been controlling computers with specialised apps for years now, but Mac Remote does something a little different — it doesn’t require you to install any server software to work. Instead, it connects to your Mac over SSH and controls various apps and system functions with remote commands. Although you don’t have to […]