Keep your Android safe for 2 years with ESET Mobile Security

Once upon a time, PCs, particularly Windows PCs, were the favorite target of hackers and crackers and anyone that wants to make either a quick buck or just to spread mayhem. Given how more accessible smartphones are these days, they have become the new darlings of miscreants. Android, in particular, has proven to be a […]

Mobile Security & Anti Virus Protects You and Your Phone

Protect your phone and guard it from virus, spyware, and phone hacking with Mobile Security & Anti Virus. Mobile Security & Anti Virus will block and uninstall malicious apps to protect your device. It scans and detects threats and proactively checks out apps installed on your device to make sure you’re protected. Mobile Security & Anti […]

Protect your Android with Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers mobile security technology including anti-theft protection and Android antivirus optimized to protect from viruses, spyware and Trojans without impacting the performance of your device. Features: Runs on-demand malware scan of your device Advanced Anti-Theft Protection Web Protection from malicious and phishing websites Call & Text filter to block unwanted […]