How to download music from Google Play

This is a two-part question: how to download your own content on Google Play, either uploaded or bought, and how to listen to music offline (we recently shared how to save radio stations for offline listening too). Google Play Music is a one-stop shop for many of us, and it certainly covers a lot of […]

Not sure what music to listen to, just ask Google Now on Android to “play some music”

Google is well known for its shenanigans and easter eggs when it comes to search, just try a Google search for “askew” to see them in action. So when Google Now on Android gets a cool new voice activated feature, I wonder if it is an easter egg or a full blown feature. This time around, […]

How to Silence Notifications When Music is Playing

If you listen to your Android in the car, then you know how annoying it is to receive a notification. If your sound is on, then the received notification will silence your music for 1-2 seconds before resuming. Obviously, there are times when this is useful – like when you receive a phone call. But […]

Collect all your Online and Local Music Together and Acces it Anytime, Anywhere

Style Jukebox is an online service, and an Android app, that solves this problem by allowing you to move music into the cloud. Once signed in on the Android app, you’ll notice that all of the music that you have already uploaded is available to you. You’ll also have access to all the music files […]

Google Play Music now available in some countries

It’s been a long time coming, but if you’re currently residing in New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, or Portugal — you now finally have access to Google Play Music. Googleannounced the good news via Twitter and brings the official tally of countries up to 13 ’round the world. Here’s the current running list: Australia […]