Pushbullet Now Syncs All Your Notifications Across any Android Device

Android: One of the problems with using multiple Android devices like a phone and a tablet is that dismissing notifications on one device doesn’t clear them from another. Pushbullet’s latest update aims to fix this by syncing notifications across all devices.

Pushbullet uses Android’s notification listening service (which means this feature only works on Android 4.3 and up) to monitor all of your other apps’ notifications. It then mirrors them across all your devices—your phone, tablet, and even desktop—and when you dismiss it from one device, it dismisses them from all of them. Just as nature intended.

The feature is in beta so it may not work perfectly just yet. To activate it, you’ll need to enable “Sync my notifications” in the settings of each app you want to sync notifications on.

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Notify! Selectively View Notifications From Apps On Your Home & Lock Screen [Android]

One of the key strengths of Android has always been the notifications system. It’s been around since the early days of the OS, but it took what felt like a lifetime for it to get any good. Unfortunately, some app developers seem to abuse it in order to spam you with promotional messages, advertisements, or pointless updates. While other times, there are a few notifications from apps that you just cannot afford to miss. If you want to put pivotal notification information right on your home screen or lock screen via a minimal widget that doesn’t bog down your device’s performance, Notify! is all you need. The simple app displays incoming notifications at any widget supported area and allows you to access them with a single screen tap.

Notify! only works on devices featuring Android 4.3 and above, and needs notification access permission to be granted first so it can receive incoming notifications from your specified apps. Fret not! the process itself is quite simple. To grant permission, open the application and tap ‘Notification Access permission is Needed’ banner located at the top. After entering Notification Access screen, enable it and tap OK when prompted and hit back.

Notify 2 - Notify! Selectively View Notifications From Apps On Your Home & Lock Screen [Android] Notify Notification enable - Notify! Selectively View Notifications From Apps On Your Home & Lock Screen [Android]

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11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

Notifications 786x305 - 11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of different ways to liven things up without having to root your phone, or in some cases, even spend a penny.

Sure, Facebook’s chat-head style notifications set a trend for a bobble-headed approach, but that’s not the only way you can modify how you get informed about new events, and for older handsets that haven’t been gifted with features like lock screen widgets (Android 4.2+) and album art (Android 4.4), these are a handy way to make things a bit more interesting.


The app formerly known as Floating Notifications (TAFKAFN, if we’re following Prince’s logic), now going under the moniker Floatifications, was updated at the start of the year to include a new ticker display option, as well as to reflect its name change.

At its core, what Floatifications does is take Facebook’s chat-head-style interface and apply it to virtually any app you want, although the company notes during the setup process that there may be a few that are incompatible – and to email them to add support.

One of the key advantages of Floatifications over stock Android is that it also works in full-screen mode, allowing for uninterrupted access to notifications. So if you’re watching a YouTube video, for example, and receive an SMS, you don’t actually have to navigate away from whatever you are watching to read the content of the message. Tapping on it, however, will take you to your normal messaging app to reply (and therefore away from whatever you were doing before).

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11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

e37045f36e22e1b1cc6b161652092cf6db8073eb - 11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

Hey, sharpshooters: Google just released its own camera app in the Play store. This means you don’t need a Google Nexus device to use the company’s Android camera; you can download the camera just like any other app and replace the camera app that came with your phone — if, that is, you’re running a device with Android 4.4 or newer. (Check in your device’s Settings menu for that information.)

Anyway: What have you been missing without the Google Camera? And what brand new things has Google thrown in this newest version? Let’s take a look at some of the best goodies Google’s picture-snapping app has to offer, and perhaps you’ll decide it’s worthy of replacing your stock Samsung, HTC, or LG camera app.

The layout
The first thing you notice upon firing up the app is how clean and simple the full-screen user interface is. Google explained that the app itself is supposed to “get out of the way” when capturing pictures, and it does just that. You can actually preview just about every single pixel of your picture while shooting, save for the small, half-transparent menu button in the bottom-right side of the viewer.

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‘Don’t Pause’ For Android Automatically Mutes Notifications While You’re Listening To Music

Don’t Pause is a free app that can automatically put your phone on vibrate mode when you’re playing music, and back to normal settings when you have stopped the playback. In can be enabled and disable on the fly, and boasts a dead simple interface. Continue reading past the jump for more details.

The app isn’t exactly the first of its kind. Back in January, I covered a similar application labeled Shush, which can also switch your phone to silent mode when you’re using it, and back, when you put in your pocket. Don’t Pause is a minimal alternative to Shush with focus on audio playback. The developer, too, acknowledges taking inspiration from Shush when creating Don’t Pause.

Dont Pause - ‘Don’t Pause’ For Android Automatically Mutes Notifications While You’re Listening To Music Dont Pause Start - ‘Don’t Pause’ For Android Automatically Mutes Notifications While You’re Listening To Music

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How to Customize Android LED Notifications (No Root Required)

led notification app android - How to Customize Android LED Notifications (No Root Required)

Your Android LED tells you a lot about your notifications. Different colors correspond to different app notifications, making it easy to see which program is trying to get your attention.

Snapchat notifications are yellow, for example, while SMS and email notifications trigger a blue LED.

Today, we’re going to show you how to easily customize your Nexus 5 LED notifications without rooting your device. You can follow this guide to control all notifications

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2 Android Apps to Make Your Dashboard More Dashing Than Ever

android tools 1024x640 - 2 Android Apps to Make Your Dashboard More Dashing Than EverAre you an app junkie who can’t help himself whenever you see a good app trending on Google Play. Unfortunately, the cold hard truth is that you might not always need it or use it and end up dumping it from your app collection in favor of another novelty app that catches your fancy in the future. Some of you just like knowing it’s silently lingering around in your phone just in case you need to use it in the future. This nonchalant download spree can make your screen cluttered with a million apps and sometimes, you forget where the app is and miss important notifications. Let’s face it, with every new app, there’s a swarm of unnecessary notifications that clutter your notification center and make navigation impossible.

There’s times when you’ve missed an important reminder, or a meeting or a deadline, or even a really important message from a friend through Viber, or Whatsapp because you didn’t finish scrolling through your notifications. If this is a somewhat accurate representation of your smartphone usage, then here’s one last app you need to get to resolve this issue once and for all.

Notif is an Android app that basically stands for Notification History. It can easily track which of your apps is pushing unwanted messages that are cluttering up your notification centre. Once the problem is detected, half the battle is already one. But that’s not all, the app does much more.

The tracking of unwanted push messages help to figure out which app is sending you annoying advertisements that appear on the status bar and then if the advertisements really annoy you can choose to uninstall it.

Notif also allows you to do other things like collect together messages sent by apps and read them later and backup and share notifications.

But streamlining your notifications, you now know which part of the notification dropdown to look to find the messages you truly are interested in reading. It groups notifications by apps, so social media messages will all appear together making communication so much simpler.

Games and their strange updates with cling together, which makes them so much easier to deal with.

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