Pandora’s Android app gets an alarm clock function, right on time

There’s no denying it — many people will need extra motivation to get up at a reasonable hour after sleeping in during the holidays. It’s a good thing, then, that Pandora has just given its Android app the alarm clock and sleep functions that reached iOS nearly a month ago. Most of the functions are the same. You can […]

Pandora for Android adds Chromecast streaming

When Google’s Chromecast streaming device launched, the company mentioned it would stream stream music from Pandora eventually and now that day has arrived. At least on Android, a new version 5 of the app is available in the Play Store that’s flashing a UI ready for tablets, plus that familiar broadcast icon. Not everyone that […]

Pandora’s Android app have been updated to integrate the new Facebook feature

The Pandora Timeline App is meant to tap into the passion that music fans have with bands and artists. Even though Pandora has previously enabled social media options from its apps and Web site, the company has been careful about how its services integrate with social. See Full Story on