How to Download Android Apps on PC for Free?

Android OS is a true currency in modern day. Indeed, the advent of Android has facilitated the evolution of the apps faster than it ever was. There are thousands of games available in App stores for Android users. The Android users have been a bit of a torment for PC users since there are many […]

How to disable Facebook video auto-play on Android and PC

Aside from changing the look of the Facebook user interface with the recent update, which hasn’t been that warmly welcomed by users, there is yet another Facebook feature that can be quite annoying: video auto-play. Not only do you not always want to see what people are showing, but this also uses up more of the data (if your […]

How To Beam Content Between Your PC and Android Device

Want to finish reading a long article on your phone in bed after starting it on your PC? Copying and pasting URLs or text from your phone to your PC or the other way around can be difficult, but anXDA Developer forums user has created a solution for Android users. Message Beam is a free Chrome […]

How to Transfer Files Between Android Device and PC Over WiFi

When it comes to transferring files from your android device to computer or other mobile device, Bluetooth or USB cable is the most commonly used medium. They work absolutely fine but there is a better way to do it. With the connectivity options like Wifi, you can transfer files from and to your Android device […]

How to send SMS or MMS text messages from your PC or tablet using your Android phone number

Our little Android devices can do almost as much as some PCs, but it’s easy to forget that your smartphone is still a phone at heart. And with all the instant messaging services available for you to communicate, sometimes text messaging gets put in the backseat to the more robust features of something like Google […]

Use qrSend to send files from your PC to your Android device

If you are looking for a dead easy way to transfer files from your PC to your Android device, you may want to take a closer look at qrSend. The program is available in app form for Android, and as a Java program that you need to run on your local system. The two programs […]