How to Fix a Samsung Galaxy S4 Dropped in Water

galaxy s4 dropped in water 300x207 andoirdability - How to Fix a Samsung Galaxy S4 Dropped in Water

No matter how much Smartphone manufacturers warn their customers against bringing their devices near pools or bodies of water, people still do it anyway. Then, a lot of them end up with a submerged device. One question sent to us via Mailbag concerns a Galaxy S4 dropped in water.

So, here are the “do’s and don’ts” when handling a Galaxy S4 dropped in water, starting with the “Don’ts”:

Don’t Do These

1. Powering your phone on or charging it.

2. Pressing any keys, shaking the phone or banging it as the water might continue to seep through its internal hardware.

3. Blowing the water because you might risk sending some water into the sensitive areas of your device.

4. Using a blow drier or putting your phone into the microwave because you might fry its internal parts.

5. Putting it in the freezer because the moist will have the tendency to do more damage inside the device.

by Giancarlo Perlas

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How to factory reset the Galaxy S4 for better performance

galaxy s4 2 androidability - How to factory reset the Galaxy S4 for better performanceWe’ve been trying to remind everyone of the benefits of regular factory resets lately and now we have the Galaxy S4 in our sights. A year old device is a prime candidate for a factory reset, especially so if you’ve never done one before. Follow our steps below and you’ll marvel at how much smoother and faster your phone is afterward.

Backup first!

This is even more important than the reset itself. If you don’t back everything up properly and then your factory reset your phone, you’ll find yourself with a nice fast phone just as it came out of the box, but without your accumulated photos, games, messages, and downloads. So before you even think about doing a reset make sure you’re backed up good and proper first. Google gives you options and there’s plenty of third party options available too.

How to reset the Galaxy S4

Hold up your right hand and repeat after me: ”I solemnly swear that I have done a proper backup.” Ok, we can proceed. You have a couple of options for the reset procedure. There’s a super simple dialer option, one through the settings menu and then a hard reset using the hardware buttons when the phone is off. The third option gives you a little more control but the first two options work perfectly fine for the average user.

by Kris Carlon

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More battery drain fixing tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

Recently we covered how to upgrade to Android 4.4.2, which led us to write an article highlighting some of the problems Galaxy S4 users were experiencing once they managed to upgrade to the latest iteration of Android. We did another article where we highlighted how to fix some of these KitKat issues plaguing the S4, but one issue which is the most important of all is the one concerning battery life.

It can be a real pain in the neck to have a device that constantly requires charging and this is made even more frustrating if you have bought the device at a premium, which is usually the case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. In addition to other battery saving tips and tricks shared a while back, today we show you more ways to save on battery life (until Samsung decides to provide a fix for this issue or until the next iteration of Android comes out and hopefully fixes the issue).

Samsung Battery Life Joke - More battery drain fixing tips for Samsung Galaxy S4
Battery life problems on Galaxy S4 / © AndroidPIT/Martin Steers

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Tips on Managing the Internal Storage of the Samsung Galaxy S4

galaxy s4 boot up 300x220 - Tips on Managing the Internal Storage of the Samsung Galaxy S4If your Samsung Galaxy S4 is already running low on internal storage memory (ROM), you will no longer be allowed to install new apps and download contents. In addition, you will not be able to save new files. Your messages will not be automatically stored to your phone and storing photos and videos taken from your camera will not be possible anymore. On top of these, some apps will no longer be able to function well and you are likely to experience freezes and frequent crashes with them.

Here are the ways to manage the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy S4 to enable its optimum performance based on the T-Mobile Support page:

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How to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 fast lag-free?

squeeze blazing fast speeds out your samsung galaxy s4.w654 5 654x330 - How to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 fast lag-free?We know our Samsung Galaxy S4 is amazingly fast and is fastest phone on the planet yet you must have notice whenever you enter or exit any app, change windows & turn your screen ON/OFF, there is some animation which makes it look cool..But, all this is animation settings which can be rid or minimized into lesser time altogether to make your phone work faster and minimize transition lag. Here’s what you have to do :-

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How to enable 4G on a Samsung Galaxy S4

LTE Test Screenshot small - How to enable 4G on a Samsung Galaxy S4One of the most interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ability of it to connect to LTE networks, more commonly referred to as fourth generation networks or 4G. Those who possess the device (…and the data plan to back it up!) can activate LTE connection, but it requires a little bit of a work around. In case you didn’t know how to do it, here is a quick tutorial on getting it enabled for your Galaxy S4.

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Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S4

Got a Samsung Galaxy S4? Here’s a guide to get the most out of your phone.

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