Five tips for avoiding viruses and malware on your Android

Keeping infected apps off your Android requires common sense more than anything It’s not exactly a secret that Android’s pretty open, and that it’s possible for bad people to do bad things with apps. That’s possible with any computer system, of course. And like any other computer system, Android has checks and balances that help […]

What to do if you lose your phone

Your Android smartphone is the most personal computer you own. No other device is with you virtually every second of every day, and so over the course of a standard two-year contract you’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities to misplace it. Fortunately, over the past few years Android has grown has grown into mature, […]

How to password lock your apps and call functions

Security is a central topic for many users. For those who need more than a simple password on their lockscreen, you can go a step further and place a lock on each individual apps. It’s very simple. Here’s how. © AppLock/AndroidPIT To protect individual apps or functions on your smartphone against unauthorized access, it doesn’t […]

Guide on how to set up your screen lock

Android provides many ways to lock your phone screen so that others can not use. These settings are available in: Settings — Security — Screen Lock. Note: Not all methods are safe and fully secure. Here is a quick guide on how to set up your screen lock. None – Leaves the phone unlocked. Not […]

AVG releases free ‘TuneUp’ application for Android devices

Security vendor AVG has released an application for Android that lets users adjust power settings and manage applications to conserve battery power. TuneUp for Android, which is in Google’s Play store, is free. The power controls can be used to turn off certain phone functions in case the battery is running low as well as […]